Women in the news

With all the doom and gloom around us thanks to our own delinquent bankers, poor ecomonic management and the bursting of the bubble that was our Celtic Tiger, it was mostly testoterone super-charged males who dragged us down. This week, it seems, the fairer sex have decided to take centre stage.

Angela Merkel has managed to gird the loins of her fellow MP’s in the Bundestag by getting them to support her policy on how to deal with the latest Euro crisis, thanks mostly to Greece and it’s chaotic finances. Looking to increase funding into the EU rescue fund and also Germany’s guarantees, she succeeded in rallying support and carried the day by 4 votes. All of the troubled nations of Europe are glad she has the reins at present – good on ye Angie baby.

Katarina Knezevic 20

Over in the land of the embattled Silvio Berlusconi, another lass has come out of the woodwork to create yet another headache for the priapic Italian Prime Minister. A 20 year model and former Miss Montenegro, Katarina Knezevic, has claimed that the sex obsessed PM has asked her to marry him and has presented her with an expensive engagement ring. She claims that he has only been with her for the last 2 years, since his spilt from his wife, and rumours of so called “bunga-bunga” parties are false. Amid rumours of her trying to blackmail the randy PM, her own background is reputed to include links to a Montenegrin godfather Ratko Djokic, killed in a shoot-out in Stockholm in May 2002. How I’d hate to be an Italian living abroad trying to justify the shenanigans of their wayward Prime Minister, especially when the country is in severe financial difficulties at the same time.

Back at home, we received the shocking news that Karen Walsh, a Galway born pharmacist, had been convicted of murdering a frail 81 year old grandmother, Maire Rankin, using a crucifix as a weapon and implement of sexual torture in Newry, Co. Down on Christmas Day 2008. A Northern Ireland jury found her guilty yesterday and she is on remand awaiting sentence. What a strange world we live in – a well educated and self-employed successful business woman loses the plot by killing a kind old lady, her next door neighbour, in what appears to have been a vodka fuelled attack. The old lady’s family had the worst nightmare of a Christmas present anyone could possibly imagine and her assailant acted as if she was a concerned neighbour and was in denial all though the trial, despite substantial incriminating evidence against her.

Another Irish woman has made news for her stance against the ESB and EirGrid and was sent to jail by the High Court until her contempt is purged. Teresa Treacy is a 65 year old farmer from near Tullamore, Co Offaly and she has made a determined stand against pylons being erected on her land, requiring the removal of a large portion of trees on her farm. Her family and supporters are horrified at the heavy handed tactics of the semi-state bodies and are mounting protests in support of her stance. She has managed to get the national media to look at her case and has created huge embarrassment for ESB and EirGrid. To add insult to injury, as soon as she was jailed, the tree fellers moved in and cleared a large area of her wooded lands.

Will Mary Davis overcome the odds and the onerous weight of quango/board patronage to make it a hat-trick of Marys in the Arus. She will in my arus but unfortunately, we are unlikely to see a person of real stature as our next President – whoever gets the people’s nod will be a poor reflection of his or her immediate predecessors. Michael D is still in pole position and as long as he keeps his nose clean, the position is his to lose. I always thought he was a bit of a woman anyway, so maybe the staus quo will stay female in the Park.


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