Movember for Prostate Cancer

My Movember face 2011

Over the last few years, several friends of mine have been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer, a men’s health issue. Fortunately, all of them have come through their treatments and/or operations successfully.

I felt a strong need to do my little bit to help fund further research for this illness, which if caught in good time is imminently treatable. So I joined the Movember Ireland movement – men up and down the length of Ireland grew mustaches during the month of November – hence the moniker.

Sports stars, TV and media personalities also got in on the act and it was encouraging to see prominent people sprouting facial hair under their noses over the last 4 weeks. Hopefully, it will also make men more conscious of possible problems in the area of their water works and genitals and prompt them to seek professional advice to investigate any issues.

My feeble efforts generated donations in the amount of €60 – Movember Ireland receipt no. R-9110720-12027112. I am very grateful to my small band of supporters for their generosity. You have supported a good cause.

My December 2011 face


2 thoughts on “Movember for Prostate Cancer

  1. I think I like your November face more thank your December face, very camino earth man thing,
    bring back the tash and long hair.

    • That’s coming from a lover of a hairy face. My hair will grow again but it might be next Movember for the tache. Another friend of mine is in hospital today for tests for Prostate cancer. C’est la vie.

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