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Charlie Kavanagh (aka 007)

Marilyn and 007

Hanging out with all the right people in all the wrong places

I have been operating a sail training business for the last 15 years, based in Wicklow on the east coast of Ireland – South East Cruising School . Unfortunately, new draconian regulations make it almost impossible for me to continue as I cannot afford the upgrade costs involved to comply with Department of Transport requirements – could run to c.€20,000.

Prior to that, I worked for Bank of Ireland for 25 years, mostly between Dublin and Wexford, and decided the open sea was more my scene – no regrets, even though finances have often been very tight.

Having lived now in Wicklow for 30 years, I am casting my eye around for new openings – I’ve  have been very actively involved in Wicklow Sailing Club, the Round Ireland Yacht Race and Sail Fest, dabbled a little in journalism, drafted the bones of a book about my previous dog Pepper and am drafting a pamphlet of local walks around Wicklow.


Zubenelgenubi meets wayward Housemartin 1 day out from Antigua

Despite the doom and gloom, I’ve managed to keep somewhat busy doing little bits here and there – a few deliveries, a transatlantic crossing last December, did Creative Writing and  Irish Times journalism courses, some sailing trips to Waterford and Wales as well as regular walks with my faithful companion, Toesun. Also, with family members, I walked part of the Camino de Santiago de Compostela (north Spain) in September 2011 –  an adventure and bonding experience enjoyed by all.


7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I was just in Ireland this past summer and spent a few days in Wicklow. I absolutely LOVED it there! It’s beautiful!

    You have a really interesting blog here, Charlie…keep on writing! 🙂

  2. gt article on the 40th,tnks for taking the time to write it,maybe journalism is your chosen field!
    hope we are all looking as well @the 50th!

    • Hi John, glad you liked it – I could have filled in a little more with names but I was rushing at the time. Hopefully we can keeep in touch a bit more regularly that e-mail helps to bridge the gaps. Charlie

  3. Greeting from Arizona, Charlie. I remember you well in St Peters. Don’t know if you are active on this blog anymore, but came across this trip down memory lane; the 40th reunion and my thoughts went back there. So just thought I’d tell you that. Very nice presentation. I wish you well

    • Hi Jimmy, good to hear from you. I had no idea where you were, good to know all is well. I’ve been away sailing all summer so will probably be making some contributions here again soon. All the best to you too. Regards, Charlie

  4. Thanks charlie, didn’t recognize many of the faces except some that still bear a semblance of a resemblance of how they once looked, like Frank D, Willie H, Jimmy G, John K etc. Amazing what the march of time does. If you get time, it would be nice if you could put names to one of the photos. Maybe you could email it to me (sobmijs@gmail.com). Again thanks and it was great to hear from you. Hope hurricane Ophelia behaves. Don’t go sailing when she’s around.

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