My Scribbles

Enniscorthy - my home town

Growing up in Enniscorthy in the late 50’s and 60’s, the world was changing around me. Farmers were changing from horse to tractor driven methods, electricty and the television made their appearance in many Irish homes, rock ‘n roll burst on the scene, JFK was assassinated and men were aiming for the moon. The post WW2 years were known as the “baby boom” and my parents were living proof of that, spawning 12 children, of whom I was the oldest.

My attempts at writing in those days were feeble, almost non-existant. Over the last few years, I’ve developed an interest in expressing myself in print and 2011 has been a watershed in that I’ve done a few creative writing courses and an Irish Times Journalism course. I’ve written several articles, some short stories, some funny bits and about 30 chapters on my late pal, Pepper de Sayleur-Cavena, my first dog. This blog has allowed me the opportunity to let off some steam and get more practice with my writing.

Articles under the Scribbles category are all fictional and cater for the creative side of my writing, with a mix of fantasy and fiction as the humour takes me. Some of the material was written a while ago and might need to be read in context. I hope you enjoy my endeavours and I would appreciate your feedback.


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